An open letter to Mr Amazon, the world's greatest businessman

June 03, 2018

An open letter to Mr Amazon, the world's greatest businessman

You have more than 300 million customers. In 20 years, your stock has skyrocketed by 42,000%. Amazon has over 45,000 warehouse robots (not including the human ones).

You have taken on the once smug retail behemoths and you have won. Virtual tumbleweed rolls through many now.

The supermarkets and our food chain? You are disrupting them too. And Hollywood. And TV. And healthcare. And delivery services. And cloud computing.

You rescued the Washington Post from death-by-internet. And gave us clever Alexa, albeit whilst also encouraging a generation of children to bark commands.

You constantly innovate.

(Full disclosure, we at Soda have even capitulated, having just listed our Sodacado with you) 

And yet, and yet ...

For all the guilty pleasure you've given us when that overly big box arrives on our doorstep,

for your supremacy in taking money from all of us who live behind a screen, 

for the sheer genius of "Buy now with 1-Click",

for the way you inveigled us to join Amazon Prime without even knowing it, as well as your audio book platform Audible (I mean it took me months to realise I was paying...impressive),

for the Amazon addicts you have made of all of us with your delivery dominance,

for your absolute brilliance in servicing our desire for convenience,

and for the sheer number of small businesses you've put out of business,

and for the hundreds of thousands of lives you've upended and the people you've alienated from other human beings ...

For all this, Jeff, you owe the world more.

More than spending the lion's share of what you call your "Amazon winnings" on sending a bunch of metal into space.

In the hope that in a few hundred years all heavy industry will be farmed out to another planet while the "Earth will be zoned residential and light industry." Really?

I'm with Harold from the NY Times who recently wrote a brilliant piece about how you could better spend your billions if you really want to be remembered as someone who used his wealth "to make our world a better place".

Better sooner rather that later. Without the need to service your ego.

At least Bill had the vision to turn his purse over to Melinda.

Seemingly forever yours,

Team Soda

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