The mad, bad world of Elon Musk

June 17, 2018

The mad, bad world of Elon Musk

All 20,000 of them at $500 a throw, and customers got their hands on the first 1,000 last week. (Now selling on ebay for up to $20K). One Musk fanboy planned to use it for “household protection.” Srsly. The local fire brigade called it a "recipe for disaster.” So the Boring Company, one of seven he owns, allegedly donated $10k. 

He dreams big and (often) wins
This week his Boring Company got handed the contract to build a high-speed underground link between downtown Chicago and the city's airport, despite zero experience in building mass transit systems. Regardless, his other Hyperloop company has worldwide plans to send traffic into tunnels.  

The sky's not the limit
The galaxy is. With his SpaceX rocket company, Musk will start testing flights to Mars next year. Following its super successful Falcon Heavy blast-off in Feb, a race to reach Mars first was launched between Boeing and SpaceX on Twitter.
Boeing CEO: "We Will Beat Elon Musk's SpaceX to Mars"
Musk: "Do it"

Did we say Musk had a Trumpian Twitter habit?
Having joined in 2009, Musk now has 22 million followersand #nofilter. When asked about how he survives on so little sleep he posted: "large amounts of crack". (Why doesn't the UK have any wisecracking, crazy CEOs?). 

He's also a hat salesman
raised $1 million in pin money last year selling $20 caps with his Boring Company logo on them. To many, he's their billionaire crush.  

He used to live on $1 a day and budget like crazy 
When he arrived in Canada at 17 from South Africa, where he was born, he spent $30 a month on food - mostly hot dogs and oranges, purchased in bulk.

But recently he's been too profligate
Following a splurge on staff at Tesla, his car company, Musk was forced to lay off 3,000 workers this week to save money.

"We are making this hard decision now so that we never have to do this again," he tweeted and immediately bought $25m worth of Tesla stock. *confused face* 

Actually Tesla owes a tonne of money
$1.2 billion in convertible bonds to be exact, and payback begins later this year. Analysts expect the car company will need at least $2bn this year to keep the lights on. Musk, who made his first fortune co-founding PayPal,  claims by then it will be profitable.

But hey, he often overpromises.
He pledged to meet every injured worker at his Californian Tesla factory after an investigation showed high injury rates. He didn't. He announced he'd had government approval for a New York to Washington DC hyperloop. He hadn't. He promised to test-drive a fully autonomous Tesla coast-to-coast by the end of 2017. He didn't. Like we said, Trumpian.  

He has moments of pure brilliance 
To rid Tesla of blood-sucking consultants without firing anyone useful, he sent out this message:  Anyone who does not have a Tesla employee putting their reputation on the line for them will be denied access to our facilities and networks on Monday morning."

I mean, genius. 

He's worth $21.3 billion and is 47.

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