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Plastic-free Phone Case - Blue

These genius phone cases are the brainchild of two Canadian eco warriors.




The Canadian eco-warriors behind this Earth-conscious phone case have a simple objective: reduce our dependence on plastic and the subsequent waste it generates. These phone cases are durable and waterproof so your phone stays protected. They are also biodegradable - they can be composted and return to the earth within 6 months. Environmentally responsible and stylish to boot.


Buy: If you have the soul of an eco warrior, the heart of a composting gardener and Attenborough is your hero

Don’t buy: If you are a climate change denier. Shame!


  • Innovative plant-based material, formulated to only break down 100% in a composting environment. Flax shive, an annually renewable agricultural byproduct provides strength, natural shock absorbing qualities and a unique look to each case