Playbrush - the Smart Gaming toothbrush

For every parent facing the battle of getting children to properly brush their teeth. 


The PlayBrush Smart Toothbrush provides one of four fun games for your youngster. The game will encourage children to brush for a full two minutes and boom! No more cavities, no more nighttime struggle to get those pearly whites sparkling clean. Included - toothbrush attachment, toothbrush, charging cable and holder for the parent’s smartphone.


Buy: If you dread the fight that follows the nightly call of “Have you brushed your teeth?”

Don’t buy: If your kids have turned into teens and you’ve moved on to other nightly altercations


  • Attach to almost any toothbrush
  • Measures position, duration and regularity via software and shows stats.
  • 4 free games and brushing coach included.