SpectraLite EyeCare Pro

If even holding a toothbrush for several minutes twice a day is a chore, here is a hand-free device that aims to give you rested, revived, youthful eyes.


Just pop this gadget on like a pair of sunglasses once a day, for just three minutes, and let the 72 LEDs in SpectraLite™ do the heavy lifting. The therapeutic light will bring professional light therapy directly to you, easier than brushing your teeth! Goodbye, eye bags. Hello, revival!


Buy: If eye cream just never cuts it and you needs a little more help with those damn crows feet

Don’t buy: If you never smile, have no laughter lines and only ever go out under cover of darkness


  • Hands free LED light treatment device.
  • 72 LEDS deliver full spectrum of therapeutic light.
  • Use for three minutes daily.