Barisieur Tea and Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

Looking to impress those tea and coffee drinking friends with an expert like contraption that looks complicated and substantially more technical than it is?  Welcome to Barisieur, the best hot drink making and waking machine on the planet.


Wake up with a beautiful hot drink in bed. The coffee and tea set is a mix between beautiful mid-century artwork and caffeine-producing chemistry. The set includes a drawer for your favorite tea varieties and a milk jug that keeps cool while your delicious tea bubbles.


Buy: If you’re an aesthete and caffeine lover who has a beautiful bedside table on which to put this work of art

Don’t buy: If you have tiny children, dogs, cats or habitually knock everything off your bedside table.


  • Boiling Vessel - 200ml max

  • Glass Funnel - 90ml

  • Drawer - 180g

  • Milk Vessel - 25ml

  • Spoon - 15g

  • Cup - 160ml