Bean by Unbound

This is a handy low-cost, good-looking vibrator for those who have never used one - 47% of women apparently.


It's adorable, is available in millennial-friendly colors, it's quiet, and it's mighty effective. The palm-sized vibe is perfect for beginners wanting to try out both targeted and broad stimulation, but just as awesome for pros looking for something to use solo or with a partner. Bonus: it's totally sleek, stylish, and discreet, so no worries if your mom rifles through your drawers.


Buy: if a simple, effective, and aesthetically on point vibe is on your shopping list.
Don’t buy: if disappointing, ugly vibrators are your jam.


  • Made from 100% medical grade, safe-as-can-be silicone and 100% free of phthalates
  • 6 unique vibration patterns so you can customize each and every buzz
  • Waterproof in case your relaxing bath is a total bore
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (the same ones in your TV remote, just in case)