Beasts of Balance Family Game

Take Jenga, the wooden block balancing game, add 24 interesting beasts and elements,  throw in an app and you basically have Beasts of Balance.


It’s like the popular balancing game Jenga, but for the modern, techie family. There are 24 unique beasts and elements to stack together on a connected screen. And - would you believe us if we told you the whole thing was conceptualized by a team who lives in a vault under Waterloo Bridge?


Buy: For any family bored of playing board games

Don’t buy: If watching another screen with the family makes you want to scream.


  • Download the free Beasts of Balance app from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store onto your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone, Kindle Fire or Apple TV (device not included)
  • Recommended for players of all ages from 6 and up
  • The sensing platform requires 3 AA batteries (not supplied) est. 30 hrs battery life.