Findster Duo+ All-in-one GPS Pet Tracker and Pet Activity Monitor

Findster Duo is the next generation of GPS pet trackers, giving your furry friends freedom while keeping you calm.


Let's face it, our pets are much more adventurous than we'll ever be, but the fear of your best little friend being lost is unthinkable. Enter: Findster Duo+ with real-time GPS and alerts to keep tabs on your pets locale at all times. You'll also be rewarded for an active pup with deals on their fave foods and toys. Duo+ has zero monthly fees and will work anywhere in the world you and your little guy decide to wander.


Buy: if your pup has more desire to hike than you do
Don't Buy: if your pet is trained to never leave your bedroom


  • Weighs just 0.74 oz (21 grams), so they won't even know they're wearing it
  • Shockproof to keep them safe from a scary spark
  • Take them on a trip without worrying-- the battery is rechargeable up to 7 days and has a range of .5 mi (.8 km) in a congested city up to 3 miles (4.8 m) in open outdoor spaces, plus 3 modes depending on your use case, from hiking to regular walks to safe at home
  • Findster's app works on iPhone 5+ with iOS 9+ and Android 5.0+
  • Waterproof up to 3 ft (1 m) in depth. Dive away!