Happy Plugs Earbud Plus in Toco Loco

Forget paying a few bucks for a pair of headphones upon takeoff. Happy Plugs got your back.


These high performance headphones don't lack style. Happy Plugs created a new pattern of their Earbuds with a print so bright it'll be impossible to lose! Forget any frustration about not having headphones on your flight or to plug into your laptop for an audio emergency -- these are 3.5 MM compatible.


Buy: If you're sick and tired of your lightning connector not fitting into your laptop or airplane armrest, no matter how hard you jam it in
Don't Buy: If being unprepared thrills you


  • Fully fitted with a mic and remote, so you won't miss your "other" headphones
  • High quality sound for music, podcasts, and rom-coms
  • 3.5 MM compatible, phew!
  • Sweat and dust resistant, so no worries to throw in your travel tote