Original Heng Balance Lamp

A great light with a difference. 


Its on/off switch is a magnet buried inside two wooden balls. When one is lifted towards the other, magically pulling together inside the oval wooden frame lined with an LED strip, the light turns on. It’s the brainchild of Chinese designer Li Zan Wen and a fabulous addition to any child’s room. Or yours. Joyously simple and fun.


Buy: To light up your heart every time you magically bring those two magnets together Don’t buy: If “bah humbug” is your middle name and “another thing for the kids to break” is your usual refrain


Material: Solid Beech Dimensions: 20 x 40 x 7 cm (ellipse) Connection: USB + adapter Output: 5V/1A Brightness: 300 Lumen (ellipse) Light colour: Warm white (3500k)