Who hasn’t fumbled around for dropped cables or hung off the bed in a bid to use their devices while they’re re-charging?


Who hasn’t wished their charger was longer, so they could lurk on Instagram while juicing up? The Night Cable allows you to do just that - with a 3-meter range to comfortably charge anywhere. The polished design is also a nice alternative to the typical frayed white cable. The weighted knot can also be anchored to any flat surface.


Buy: If your aesthetic values extend to beautifully woven tech cables - grubby plastic wires begone!

Don’t buy: If you couldn’t care less where you get your charge from and usually “borrow’’ someone else’s


  • 10ft/3m Lightning to USB-A cable
  • Reinforced construction. Made with DuPoint Kevlar and durable nylon braiding.
  • 6 x stronger than standard Lightning Cable
  • 10,000+ bend lifespan
  • Adjustable weighted anchor knot