Pro Facial Steamer by Dr. Dennis Gross

A day at the spa for your face, in only 9 minutes.


We're in the majority of people who live for glowy skin. But highlighter can only get us so far. That's where this dewy godsend comes in. Give your face (and neck!) a quick steam to hydrate, clarify, soothe, and soften your skin, all while enhancing the skincare regimen you're already investing in every AM and PM.


Buy: if validation comes in the form of "your skin is glowing!" compliments
Don't Buy: if you were born with a flawless cherub face


  • A small, compact lightweight design with a carrying handle so you can bring your dewy-skin machine wherever you neeed (post-flight, anyone?)
  • Wide nozzle for full steam coverage so you have no excuse to forget your neck
  • Turns on and off with a simple sliding switch, and automatically shuts off when not in use for safety