The Banana Emojibator

This 'brator is BANANAS, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! In the best way possible.


We knew it was inevitable that the eggplant emoji would come to life, but these vibrators are better than we could have dreamt up. Emojibrator didn't stop with the infamous veg-- they've also got a banana and chili to complete the playful trio. All 3 toys are fully waterproof, plus have 10 vibration settings, 3 pump settings, and perfectly palm sized. If you're looking for a silly gift with real-deal results, look no further.


Buy: if your emoji obsession has spilled into your sex life. No judgement ;)
Don't Buy: if you want a digital detox


Made from 100% medical grade, safe-as-can-be silicone 10 unique vibration patterns so you can customize each and every buzz Waterproof, to bring a whole new level to your bath Dimensions: 4.60" x 1.22"